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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 10, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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[cheers and applause] ♪ >> are here. we're not leaving effected but refing to leave a group of holess mothers living in a vacant east b home is vowing to ay puarguing housing is a right look fila crime. is on the ri at eart a rise in crime that part says he's driven by one trendthe new bart police chief reveals his strategy we need to all of the concerns othe writs. getting ready f the game and
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the 49 ers game plan to take down theiking us. that despite a judge's der s they will not leave the ban west oakland home that they've been living in ever sie mid-october good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis d i'm grant lotus earlier today in alameda county that these mothers have no valid claim to in the home. >>and they have to leave within5 days or face eviction kron four's dan rman was at today's news conference he joins us live in our newsroom with e latest and we know these moms have been in the house for a couple of nths now they say this ruling make difference to them they are launching a movement not just locally bu nationwide and they say ey have. >>no plans on aving. well i'm not leaving, we're not leing at a news conference
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friday, minique walker one ofthe homeless mom says taking ver this vacant west oakland home made it clear they have noplans to move this despite an alameda county superior court judge's order friday morning. valid claim of possession to the subject property and ha5 days to vacate we're ve pleased with the judge's ruling a spokesperson for wedgwood properties which owns the home believes the judge made the right call it follows what the law is it follows whatethics and morals or. >>to protect peop's homes and protect people's properties. the squatters wroly took over this home they broke into it. we encourage them to leave peacefully can voluntarily this is what we're up against. >>a corporation who will put mothers and their children t and said the street thinkin that it is the moral and right thing to do but the moms for housing say this is just the beginning of a movement to bring awareness to a housing crisis which favors rich over poor this could be anyone.
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>>this could be you this could be your loved one that needs housing which is why we are screaming to the top of our ngs. the housing is a right. >that everyone should have access to. >>now for moms dot leave a judge's order dicates that in 5 days this order can be enforced and they can be removed from the house that we don't know exactly what e plans are or when that could happen, but the moms remain defiant. and a vast their supporters to show up at the house and upport them live in thnewsroom. dan kerman kron 4 ne side and a san francisco man is facing 4 felony charges in the attempted rape of a woman. his arrest comes 2 years after the alled attack. police say on new year's da in 2018 richard so stopped his car and offered a ride to a n waiting for. >>rideshare do was san carlos instigators say so then drove to the area of el caminor real near holly street in san carlos. police say the suspect pulled out a knife and ld
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the victim he wanted as payment. the woman was able to get outof the car and run, but it's a caught her and violently tried raping her but she got away again and called 1. so is now facing charges including attempted rape and kidnapping the suspect did work for a ride sharing company. but was not on duty at the time and at this point. detectives believe that this is an isolated incident. >>developing news tonight, the last of 3 people tried for the murder of keith green was released from jail today. only to be immediately taken into stody again by homeland security agents olivier adela was hillsborough real estate heiress tiffany lee's body guard who admitted to dumng green's body in the murder case. lee's defense attorneys tells kron 4 that olivier adela is not his real name that he's been using a fake french passport, and he wa originally from the ivory coast. green was murdered in april of016 you see him there as part of a plea deal.
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adela pleaded no contest to being an accessory tomurder after his confession. before he was taken away. greens bren hearted moth shared her thoughts with hi in court today. >>before a delicate walk out of the jail's front dos homeland security federal agents put him in a dark v and drove him to a federal detention center in dublin. no one is really sure what his tre name is. a gun is pulled an employee is ored to the ground the trio of thieves looking for prescription drugs
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that armed robbery happened at a safeway early this morning in the city of palo alto. >>but fir rob fladeboe joins us now live from the scene with more on this story, rob. >>that's right vicki. it's a 24 hour safelyhere on middlefield road just after midnight 3 uys i walk right through the fnt doors there and then they proceed tobreak into the pharmacy at the rear of the st let's take a look. >>the call came in about 12 40 friday morning, a report of possible gunfire here at this 24 hour safeway on middlefield road. it turns out was sounded like a gunshot was actually the sound of the intruders smashing their way through a dor to the pharmacy at the rear of the store, there was a gu however says palo alto police sergeant craig leave 3 suspects did in factnter into the store. >>one of the suspec brandished the farm and ordered one of the employees ontthe ground while the other suspects went to the fore pharmacy area which was
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closed andlocked. and they made a forceful entry into that area and they took an undetermined aren disclosed that since point ount of drugs highs comes just days after another daring smash and grab burglary at stanfd shopping center >>thieves use rocks to smash bomingdale's reportedly getting away with some $80,00 worth of merchandise could there be a connection that's a good we've been able and that ere are 2 completely different isolated incidents no one was hurt in the safeway robbery poli say the 3 suspects so far descbed only as hispanic males in their 20's made their getaway in a red four-door chevy pickup truck. they were last seen headed east on oregon expressway. police are reviwing surveillance video now hopefully se if they can't come up with a more detailed description of those 3 suspects, but they're not ready to gopublic with a yet
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they were also unable to divulge exactly what was tan here live in palo alto rob fladeboe kron 4 news rob, thank you srting next week, bart police officers will begin patrolling the platforms and trains. >>kron four's maureekelly explains is jst one of several new crime fighting ctics that bart's new police chief. >>unveiled today. >>this is a preview of what riders will start seen on monday when a team of 12 bart police officers will start walking the beacin tears on our platforms and the trains will be primarily on patrol nights and weekends, it's part of the newly appointed bart police chief plan o fight an uptick in crime on the transportation syem. >>so we're going to be a deterrent and we're goi to increase safety in our system in 2019 bart saw 11% increase in crime verall from the year before. and a 4% increase in violent crime 59% of that violent crime is related tothe theft of electronic devices. today
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officers haed out flyers warning riders to protect their cell phones. >>pat of the new deployment strategis to increase visibility engagement with riders, especially between how street and bell boa station which has been a hot spot for those pass these ficers riding the rails are in addition tothe 10 unarmed ambassadors approd by the bart board this wek, those staff members are scheduled to start patrolling trains next month with the tolls that would put not on monday in an audi bass and a program that's going to be 22 more bodies, 22 more eyes and ears that are getting crease or presence the new safety our system writers i talked to say they are glad tosee cops onboard the chief also be looking into the idea of creating fixed st positions at ations that show to have a high number of calls for service.
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>>maureen kelly kron 4 news so background of bart's new chief alvarez he's an east bay native who haspent his entire 22 year career with bart. >>alvarez was sected following a nationwide search. the new bart board president latifa simon today a new day at mart and touted alvarez is a compassionate leader committed to ideals of 21th century policing. >>whether time aswe take a look outside now getting a few here of the golden gate bridge. the couple wires in the foreground they sort of are mirroring where the towers are on the bridge but the overall decent day joining us now is meteorologist. >>recent rodriguez for recent the weekend is upon us. >>yeah what a great way to wrap up the workweek but we are going to notice an incrse in cloud cover because tonight we're going to see the first of 4 storms rriving in the b area within the next 7 days tonight storm will be the weakest followed by sundaymainly over
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the north bay for those of you so we're going to stay dry for most of the baarea on sunday but then the 3rd storm could bring us about a quarter of an inch of rain less gusty wind speeds as well and dropping snow levels to as low as 2500 feet in our highest peaks, a let's take a look at the timing of this forstorm mainly going to be overnht showers first in the north bay but thenit is going to shift south and east very early for your saturday morning could see some pockets some moderate and san jose by around 5 bay o'clock in the morning, but by midmorning dring out significantly and that drying trend going to continue all the way through your saturday afternoon so perfect game ay weather specificallfor 40 niners details on that and the keen ties that are in the recast all weekend long in addition that a high surf adviso more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes granted it. >>all right with theresa coming up at 5 from homelessness to wildfires governor newsome unveils his budget for california, including a plan to give teachers thousands of dollars.
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>>local leaders e working in the nation's capital to limit how much of your data companies can collect. and next kickoff less than 24 hours away. we analyzed
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>>and you know what that means 49 ers a big day is finally almost here we buy stake iraq and tomorrow, other 9 years
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as the bikes in the divisional round matchup the vikes like the irst time since fox ealing kind of familiar now in the nighhis first playoff game on santa ara. mark carpenter is joining us no with the latest anyway wha else do we have to talk it feels like we just need to ck it off and go you can talk more about the yeah we're very familiar wi both teams and i thinthe great thing about the 40 niners leading into this matchup is how healthy that defenses kwon alexander officially activated he is going to be. >>back on the field tomorrow night is huge exactly for the san francisco defense lotof the players consider him the mvp of that unit now the talk about this game l week long and so much has been made of the fact that this is a plyoff debut for most of the 49 ers roster, but this trip, especially meaningfulfor one veteran who's been waiting a whe to get back to this moment, the last time this franchise made the postseason. >>2013, the left tackle joe staley is the onl49 or left from that run since then he's
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seen some lean years the end of the jim harbaugh 10 year thenthere was jim tomsula and chip kelly years, the 35 year-old wonded of a chance in lamar, the trophy would come agn. but john lynch and kyle shanahan timor he sawthe potential for something special. >>there are thline to buy said like now hours earlier, but mean there are some dark is there. the reverend franchise. i thk it's been over in about her forearm. if you don't want to ma our own john and the vision after the pretty confident that we're earing that there for this. after that i so i was from what i thought and i just love playing for the be able to see this through and excited to rinse out too. >>and at lat check the 49 ers arstill 7 point favorites if they win theyl face the winner of packers seahawks in the nfc championsp game how about that don't forget we havyour playoff coverage lockdown on all our platforms on air online and through kron
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on all ramps up saturday morning goes up a notch kate rooney, the red and gold zone preview sw at 9.30 and then after the game a full recap saturday night at 9 i say playing out. i ink it's going to be a close game i do think that the 49 ers 7 point favorite is a little generous just because of the matchups there i think minnesota is a very good team. but i think the ners pull away in the 4th quarter so close until the 4th and then breathing ro there we go th's right. >>wi an eye tend to have a let's play all the games ve been dramatic rate and the niceto have a ensure s i appreciate if you. >>a live look outside right overlooking a san francisco. cloudy easy moisture in there. yeah, there is a little little baby ore that is coming our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here is it going to affect the the fild the game at all to mars think fortunately clearing out just in time so the good thing is
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it's a week a storm of the next 4 that we're going to get in the bay area within th next 7 days, let's take a look at your 40 niners forecast because saturday. >>it is going to be the bi playoff game kickoff at one 30 in tempetures will be mild in the mid 50's wh speeds miles per hour. so plenty of sun nd clouds morning showers though to start out the day. but don't worry we are going to clear ve nicely just in time for that 49 s games, let's take a look at the ng of this storm, the first formal arrive overnight and it is going to bring us some light scattere showers but then drying out saturday afternoon. >>sunday we are going to notice an increase in cloud cover as another storm set to arrive in the bay area this will mainly impacting thoseof you in the north and then monday, the 3rd storm is going to pact your monday morning commute and even into your monday night and tuesday as well and then wednesday we're going to have a pretty impactful storm very typical for these midwinter storm so are going to tice maybe about an inch of rain with
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that for stronger storm from wednesday to friday and wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour or less a just plan ahead from now until then veryweak storms making its way into the bay area pretty clear skies but along t coast starting to notice that increase in cloud cover as that storm approaes from the pacific northwest so ve dry conditions out there right now and temperatures in the low to mid 50's but we're going to cool down intthe 40's tonight, thanks to that blanket of clouds are going to be about 5 to 10 degrees warmer comparedto overnight because we did wake up to very chilltemperatures this morninbecause of that lack of blanket of cld cover in friday we are going to notice for your saturday afternoon highs temperaturesvery dry and seasonable in the mid to upper 50's and let's take a look ahead at theextended forecast because of 4 storm set to arrive wednesday and even lasting through friday, so this one is thone that along the coast we could see upwards of an inch of rain and wind gusts upwards of 15 miles warning you grant vicki back to you.
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thanks for that debris. on meanwhile, governor gavin newsome has unveiled the state's test budget doing so today the spending pn. $222 billion and it covers an array of big issues that the state faces a lot of money adthe governor already proposed spending $1 billion to confront the homelessness crisis in today. >>he revealed a plan to crisis newsom announced a new cao r x eneric drug program. it would make california the first state to do so also the budget includes a plan to pay for health care of people, 65 and older living in the country illegally, he proposed hiring nearly 600 firefighters of the next 5 years increasing the number of year rou firefighting engines oviding support for state frefighter, health and wellness and spending million on fire resistant homes. >>and the governor is proposing a historic level of funding for k through 12 schools part of is a plan to
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give $20,000 stipends to teachers at high need hools to do in $20,000 statements. if you teach for year when you teach a high need schools. we're going to create in economic incentives $20,000 statements. that's a $100 million commitment just in this budget ye to award those teachers for doing the right thing. >>this is just the first step in may newsome wilr revise his pl once the state officials have a better estime of how much money the state will collect in taxes this year state wmakers have until june 15th to vote on e budget proposal and then send it to the governor for his approval if you're looking for a job the us census reau is looking for you. >>right now there are thousands of jobs available for 2020 census, takers about alameda and contra costa counties. today the census is hirinor have they're having a hiring fair that runs through saturday in oakland and san ramon to fill those vacanlot.
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>>we have a goal of of selecting or or find me about 6,000 were about 60% to our goal rit now we've got bout the have 9 weeks of a recurring cycle left so there's plenty of oprtunity for people that want thave the reason the decent paying jobs. ey're flexible people can work. nights weekends. work around isting jobs. >he us census hiring parts and ramona runs today from 01:00pm to 07:00pm and then on saturday from 10:00 to 03:00pm requirements are pretty simple. you have to be least 18 years old and a united states ciizen you can also apply online at 2020 census dot gov. >>the news at 5 a new proposal would make it illegal for people unr the age of 21 to own a cell phone. we'll hear from the senator wh introduced that bill. >>plus h california lawmakers are pushing to protecting yourprivacy
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>>california was th first state to pass a law allowing anyone to request whatever data companies have collected on them toe disclosed or even deleted. well now lawmakers are woing on measures to go ev further limiting when and how big tech companies in silicon vall collect this data. our washingt correspondent joe colwell has details now on how this could disruptthe instry. >>in california anin
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washington lawmakers are working to limit when and how compaes collect your personal data many people a day to sign thr user service agreements they don't realize what's been happening with their data congressman ro connor represents silicon valley, he's been pushing more usual privacy and companies like apple and facebook they unrstand and they want a strong privy framework, the right to have the consent before collecting data on the right to know what's happening th your data the new california state law allows users to request to see the data companies collec on you and demand that they deleted and a measure here in congress goes even further it's about the ability of 3rd arties really to manipulate people you need to limit the kind of information that can be collected lost friends online privacy act puts limits on what data companies collect allows users to opt out and create an entirely new agency to enforce those rules wi figure out a way to make money given whatever the rules are.
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>>we need to make sure that the security of individuals are protected we're seeing a fractuing of the internet call say both vice president of net choiceas stricter rules on data collection uld hurt online businesses and consumersthere are ing to be a t of unintended consequences. >>people are going to see an increase in prices for fewer offerings however he says congress should act to make privacy laws, consistent nationwide in washington, i joe khaleel. >>next at 5.30 new videoshows the moments a boeing passenger plane crashes in iran killing everyone on ard and adding to the escalating tension between iraand the u s. >>plus changes are coming to some new york neighbhoods after a ring of anti setic attacks have some communities living in fear. >>and we've been talking counting dowto the 49 ers ploff game tomorrow, how some fans celebrated today at levi's and even ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪
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♪ nev♪ wish i s at jack, right their burgers are great. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.9white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ oy at jack in the box! ♪ >>hundreds of 40 ninerfans lined up outsidlevi stadium today for a chance to win tickets to tomorrow'slayoff game in order to ter the had to brave a slip and slide with some ice cold water, you know even if they didn't win the raffle those who made it throh. receive some swaggy got a 40 niners bobblead a poster owen looks like got a towel to dry off.


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